July 21, 2021

The Human Factor in cybersecurity – Do you need a Human OS upgrade?

Flavio Aggio
July 21st
16:25 - 16:45

Howdie, Stranger! When new users are anything but new

Dajana Gajic-Fisic
July 21st
16:30 - 16:45

Lessons learned about supply chain cybersecurity during COVID-19

Beau Woods
July 21st
16:45 - 16:55

Catch you on the flip side! Breaking down reverse proxy phishing attacks

Danna Pelleg
July 21st
16:45 - 17:00

Healthcare, Cybercrime and National Security

Dr. Saif F Abed
July 21st
16:55 - 17:05

Real-Life Stories of Good A.I. Fraud-Detection Going Wrong

Ted Crooks
July 21st
17:00 - 17:25

Leading the Global Law Enforcement Response to Cybercrime

Stephen Kavanagh
July 21st
17:05 - 17:15

You'll See This Message When It Is Too Late: The Legal and Economic Aftermath of Cybersecurity Incidents

Dr. Josephine Wolff
July 21st
17:15 - 17:35